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The Best Reasons to Buy Land in New Mexico

the best reasons to buy land in new mexico

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Published date:

July 01, 2020

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Caroline Kirby

A rich history and scenic beauty are what draw many outsiders to New Mexico, but the more than 13 million acres of recreational land, agricultural capabilities, and bustling arts and culture scene are just a few of the reasons many will stay. If you're on the hunt for rural, agricultural, or recreational property, then the Land of Enchantment may be the place for you. Learn why New Mexico is an excellent option to look for land to buy. Although most people think of vast deserts and dry land in New Mexico, it actually has one of the most diverse landscapes in the nation. Snow-capped peaks, white sand dunes, rolling prairies, forests, and wildflower fields - you name it, New Mexico has it. If you're looking for affordable land with a variety of uses, New Mexico is a great place to invest. Here are some of the most popular reasons people choose to buy New Mexico land.

1. Strong Ranching Community:

There's no lack of space for large-cattle operations around here. After destructive droughts in the late 19th century sent cattlemen from West Texas out of the state, New Mexico ranching cemented its place in the ranching world. Additionally, there's much more than cattle ranches. You'll find a diverse ranching community here, ranging from alpaca ranches to pistachio ranches to organic livestock operations. Irrigation and timber are also common uses of land for those looking outside of raising livestock.

2. Cost-Effective Characteristics:

Perhaps one of the most attractive draws to land in New Mexico is the low costs associated with it. Property taxes in New Mexico are relatively cheaper compared to surrounding states, and the land has low development costs. Thanks to low average tree height and density of vegetation, many ranches don't need to put forth much in terms of infrastructure development.

3. Diverse Hunting:

Hunting fanatics are already familiar with what New Mexico has to offer; the game is just as diverse as the terrain in the Land of Enchantment. While huge areas of national forests across the state are open to public hunting, there's nothing like your own private slice of land. Common game include mule deer, elk, black bear, javelina, mountain lion, waterfowl, as well as exotic species like the Persian ibex, oryx, and Barbary sheep.

4. You'll Never Get Bored:

Beautiful landscapes and favorable weather make New Mexico a dream come true for outdoor enthusiasts. If you enjoy culturally enriched activities and moving your body, this is the place to be. Hiking, cycling, rafting, skiing, climbing, and riding horses are all common activities. Whether you're looking to invest your money in a new place or settle down, New Mexico is worth a look. Still not convinced? Consider the lower cost of living, assorted landscapes, and big opportunities to dedicate time to a new career or hobby, and you'll find great reasons to look into buying land in New Mexico. Browse LandHub's current listings to get an idea of what properties are out there!

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