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America's Fastest Growing Cities

america's fastest growing cities

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Published date:

February 17, 2022

Last updated date:

February 17, 2022


Pleasant weather, a good place to raise a family, and a growing job market have always been some of the top reasons that outsiders have found the South to be an attractive place to relocate, but as the U.S. navigates a post-pandemic reality, we're seeing more and more people leave cities and opt for their southern counterparts. Are you interested in a move or curious which areas may host the most opportunity? Here's a look at some of the fastest-growing cities and the reasons behind their sudden boom.

Which cites are growing the fastest in the U.S.?

The South and the West are the two hottest spots across the country right now, and before getting into which cities are experiencing growth at the moment, let's look into why they're topping everyone's lists of places to move.

Covid sparked change:

At first, many people desired to leave high-density areas due to the risk of infection, but there was also a transformational shift in how many of us were able to work. U.S. News points out that many American workers gained more flexibility and had the option to work remotely, meaning they didn't have to be stuck in their employer's city, which typically comes with a high cost of living.

Opportunity cities:

Even before COVID-19 was part of our daily thought processes, many people were leaving expensive areas for places like Austin, Texas, and Raleigh, North Carolina, which showed promising opportunities for business investments and growth. They are relatively affordable metro areas with various job potential, and leadership across all sectors is taking note.


While many people's first thought is that moving South will offer higher quality living for a lower cost, they don't realize that many southern states don't have a state income tax. Places like Texas, Florida, and Tennessee are among the ones that don't.

Open space:

Pre-covid many were looking for more open space and the opportunity to live more rural but well-connected. Many southern cities like Nashville, Lexington, Charlotte, etc., have all the amenities one could want but are much less overwhelming than places like New York City or Los Angeles. Data shows that states like New York, Illinois, New Jersey, California, and Connecticut had the highest rates of outbound moves after the pandemic. These trends fall in line with the notion that more and more people sought to settle down in smaller, midsize towns and cities. Which areas were the most popular? Frisco, Texas Buckeye, Arizona New Braunfels, Texas McKinney, Texas South Jordan, Utah Meridian, Idaho Cedar Park, Texas Fort Myers, Florida Conroe, Texas Irvine, California, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Mount Pleasant, South Carolina Round Rock, Texas Goodyear, Arizona Franklin, Tennessee While many of the top growing cities are around Texas, states like Alabama and Florida have also seen an uptick in growth thanks in part to many companies relocating or opening southern branches. Do any of these cities on the list spark your interest? Check out current land listings around these areas, or look into listing your own land. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link to your site:

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