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Three Things to Keep Your Eye On When Looking for Vermont Land

three things to keep your eye on when looking for vermont land

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Published date:

July 22, 2020

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Caroline Kirby

Sprawling forests and sparsely populated cities are just two of the reasons nature enthusiasts and those who appreciate a slower pace of living love Vermont. The Green Mountain State is equally as famous for its cheddar cheese and maple syrup as it is for its skiing and hiking. Whether you're considering a cabin in the woods, investing in undeveloped land, or even looking for a sleepy yet charming town to settle, there are some things to keep in mind before buying land in Vermont. Here are the three most important items to keep in mind when looking for property here. Before getting into all of the magical qualities of Vermont, let's get clear on the details that may have a huge effect on where, when, and if you purchase land in Vermont.

1. Get Clear on the Geography:

Vermont didn't get named "The Green Mountain State" for nothing, this small state is chockfull of complicated contours and tons of trees. Get a topography map of the land as well as a Google Earth shot for a bird's eye view of what the property has. This will better prepare you to decide if the land will meet your needs, especially if you're planning on building.

2. Identify the Septic Design:

Vermont has regulated septic systems for over a decade, and many consider their regulations to be strict compared to other states. Find out if there is a septic design, where it's located, and if there's access to the lot. All of this information will determine your house and well site.

3. Be Aware of the Soil:

Soil types throughout the state greatly vary, and one thing many outsiders don't realize before purchasing land for the first time is that Vermont has many types of wetlands. Not only do they vary in type, but they are often not obvious at first look. Why does this matter? Building within 50 feet of a wetland will require special permits from the state - skip out on this, and you'll find yourself facing hefty fines. Vermont is a gorgeous state with lots of valuable property, but if you're looking to buy land for the first time here, you'll want to keep the above tips in mind. Now that we've covered the serious stuff, let's take a quick look at some of the reasons many people can't wait to get to Vermont. • Consistently Low Crime Rates: Year after year, you'll see Vermont near the top of lists showing states with the lowest crime rates. • Not Far from Metropolitan Areas: If you love living in smaller areas but aren't 100% ready to give up the amenities of big cities - good news, you don't have to! Most of Vermont is within a day's drive of major metropolitan areas like Syracuse, Boston, and even Montreal. • Activities All Year: What Vermont lacks in population it makes up in enriching activities. You can enjoy all four seasons as well as sports and outdoor activities to match. Mountains, rivers, lakes, and forests all around mean you'll never be bored outside. Are you ready to start looking for your perfect property in Vermont? Check out the current listings on!

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