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Turning Your Rental Property into A Positive Experience

turning your rental property into a positive experience

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Published date:

May 02, 2018

Last updated date:

April 23, 2024

By Manny Manriquez

Those that are going to invest in real estate do so because they want property that they can use for personal use and they know it will grow in equity. Then there are those that want to invest in a second property so they can generate some immediate income from it. Either way, property investments is one of the more secure investments that can be made. The downside to rental property, according to some who are skeptical about this, is that unless you can find good tenants it's just not worth the hassle. Then, more times than not, more money is spent on repairs than what is made in profit. This can be true, but if renting property is looked at like a business then it will be handled as such and a lot of the rental problems can be eliminated. The very basics of this are:

  • Buying the right property.
  • Doing the proper screening of tenants.
  • Renting property that is going to attract the right tenants.
  • Knowing the landlord-tenant regulations for your region.

You could first look for a house suitable for renting and watch for one that is going to be sold at a good price. A good example of this is being on the lookout for one that is a quick claim deed like the ones that you can find in West Virginia. At such a good price you could then do the necessary repairs and upgrades and have it ready for a good selection of tenants. Following the business rules in your area will get you off to a good start.

Rental Success Stories

Buying the Right Property in the Right State
If you live in one of the expensive coastal states, like California, you might be priced out of the market and need to look at property outside of your state. Buying property in another state that is of the same caliber or better at a lower price will decrease your costs and increase your profits. This is what led one savvy lady to rental success.You Don't Have to Be a Professional Property Investor

While you may be happy with just one property to invest in for rental income keep your mind open to owning several and making one pay for the other. If you are not in need of the rental income for your personal finances, then consider the rental income for paying off the individual mortgages on each property you invest in. In most cases, the rental income collected each month will significantly surpass the mortgage payment costs.

Taking the Right Chances

Some that have done well in real estate investing have boiled it all down to taking the right chances. This means doing your homework before you buy the property. Not only do you want to look at the costs for fixing it up, which normally comes with a house that is being sold at a really low cost, but also look towards the future. Is the area in which you are buying going to grow? Is it a good location for renters now? This individual's success story in renting gives you a prime example of the thought process for successful renting.

Making the Rental Income Count

With the proper mindset and running your rental property like a business you could turn that income into more than just a little extra money for your retirement years or to buy the extras in life you want. Some that are experienced in this type of investment firmly believe that with the right strategy you have the chance to become a millionaire with this type of investment.

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