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Using Drone-Less Video to Sell Land

using drone-less video to sell land

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Published date:

January 12, 2022

Last updated date:

January 12, 2022

By Manny Manriquez

From Summer to Winter: Using Drone-Less Video to Sell Land

Capturing video from specialized aircraft and/or satellites leaves you with better, more comprehensive aerial footage than footage captured by using drones alone. This can go a long way toward getting your land sold quicker and for a better price. With the use of aircraft-captured images, it is possible to use beautiful shots taken in the summertime, which show foliage and greenery, to market your winter listing. Drone-less video specialists like Aerial Solutions, utilize property footage that is captured several times throughout the year. This provides sellers with the choice of either using current video footage for their listing, or images taken of the property during a previous season, if that is preferred for aesthetic reasons. The ability to capture images throughout the year, allows for more choices when it comes to showcasing land. Sometimes, seeing the property covered in a layer of snow, might enhance its beauty, while in other cases, beautiful foliage might make the topography stand out. For some properties, current footage, reflecting the season at the time of sale, may not be available. This should not negatively affect the seller’s ability to showcase the listing. With Aerial Solutions expertise, any property can be beautifully and accurately showcased. However, if it is important to the seller that the footage reflect the season at the time of the listing, and no current footage is available, on-the-ground or drone photos can be included in the presentation. The type of footage utilized and how it all comes together to showcase the property is crucial when aiming to market land effectively. It is important to give potential buyers a clear picture of the listing and what makes it desirable. It is crucial to make sure all footage is high-quality. Aerial data taken from satellites and fixed-wing aircraft provide ultra-high resolution videos that capture massive amounts of property in a single shot. Prospective buyers will appreciate getting a beautiful view of the listed property and a clear picture of where the property is located, where neighboring landmarks are, and the property’s boundaries. Key features of the property can be zoomed in on and highlighted with call outs or other creative marketing tools. FAA restrictions and other limitations occasionally make drones a less than ideal tool for capturing aerial footage of your properties, and so it is important to work with experts like Aerial Solutions, who specialize in utilizing state of the art technology, to market and move property FAST.   Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link to your page:

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