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Why You Should Consider Looking for Land in Rhode Island

why you should consider looking for land in rhode island

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Published date:

January 19, 2022

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Landhub

If you're looking for a place that has it all, you may be surprised to learn that Rhode Island may be the spot you're after. Beaches, all four seasons, tons of outdoor activities, and big-city art and cultural things to do—the Ocean state has a little bit of everything for everyone. Rhode Island is best known for its sandy shores and Colonial seaside towns, but there's plenty more to consider even if you're not in the market for waterfront property. So, what exactly can the smallest U.S. state offer? Plenty! From great weather to historical and cultural events, you may be surprised at what living in Rhode Island could look like.

Reasons to Move Rhode Island to the Top of Your List

An affordable East Coast option:

Want to settle down on the East coast? Rhode Island may be your best bet! Thanks to expanding employment opportunities and the look and feel of other East Coast cities like Boston or New Haven without the hefty cost of living, Rhode Island's capital Providence is one of the most affordable places to live in the region.

Many uses for the land:

You may think there aren't many options, with it being such a small state, but while small, Rhode Island has it all. Great hunting opportunities like whitetail deer, water-fowl, small game, and an impressive trout stocking program for freshwater fishing. Diverse farming prospects such as greenhouse and nursery products, dairy products, sweet corn, aquaculture (seafood), and apples are among the most common. Not to mention the 400 miles of coastline make it the perfect place for those who love being on the water. A surprising fact - homesteading has also become more popular in this tiny state over the last few years.

A paradise for the history lover:

Rhode Island was one of the Thirteen Colonies meaning when you land in Newport, you have over 400 years' worth of history to check out! In addition to Rhode Island's colonial past, in recent years, the state government has made it a priority to uplift and acknowledge the rich Native American history of the people who first inhabited the land.

Always something to do:

So many love Rhode Island because they get the slower pace of life outside of the big city without feeling like they're totally isolated or living too far from the action. Rhode Island, and particularly Providence, constantly has festivals and events going on. Between the outdoor activities and social occasions, you're unlikely to get bored.


Because the state itself is so small, you can get practically anywhere in no time! Driving between the furthest points of the state (Woonsocket to Westerly) is only an hour. Additionally, public transportation (intercity buses) is low-cost. After reading through those facts, what do you think? Will you be looking for land in Rhode Island any time soon? Check out Land Hub's current listings to see what properties are available and if you're considering selling your own Rhode Island land, then be sure to use this article to help promote your property! 

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