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Would Free Land Spur Your Interest in Homesteading?

would free land spur your interest in homesteading?

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Published date:

June 14, 2018

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Pat Rogers

by Pat Rogers Founder and CEO of AgFuse LLC

It is hard to believe that there would be such a thing as free land. The first thought is there must be a catch to it. The good news is that there isn’t. But, you have to be prepared for a homesteading commitment.

What is Homesteading?

The basic definition of homesteading is adapting to a life style that is based on being self-sufficient. A better way of putting it is giving up on some of the common conveniences that many of us have become so accustomed to. In exchange for something even better.

A Fair Trade Off

Owning any type of property means having something of great value. Most individuals have to make some type of concession in order to be able to afford this. To obtain free homestead property it just means giving up some things that may not have to do with traditional property ownership. Yet as a result of what you will be giving up you are also going to find it self rewarding. You will probably be giving up the time that you spend doing things that don’t provide you with much enjoyment in life. Such as sitting on the couch flipping through channels. Or, trying to decide what to do next for entertainment that is affordable. Instead you will be replacing these with participation in growing your own veggies. Or maybe raising your own livestock. In other words you are returning to the necessities in life and giving up all that which is costing you the majority of your hard earned money anyway. By entering into homesteading you are beginning a new way of life. By taking the opportunity of the offering of free land to start this journey you are off to a great start. What is even better is that there are several states that are providing this free land opportunity.

Location’s To Begin Your Homesteading Journey

Kansas is just one of several states that have some free land open for homesteading. It is Marquette Kansas. It is a small town with plenty of wonderful reasons for taking up residence here. One of these is their amazing school systems. Those that are interested in taking up homesteading on free land here need to fill out an application. If you have a yearning to move to Kansas but are not into homesteading there are some wonderful opportunities to buy land here at some very reasonable prices. There are a few small towns in Nebraska where there is free homesteading property available. One of these is Curtis. Which is being touted as a great place for retirement. Other options are Elwood or Loup City. These are some good choices for those who would like to enjoy what Nebraska has to offer. For those who are thinking of downsizing outside of the homestead adventure they may want to check out some of the homes for sale here. Throughout several of the states there are many pieces of government owned property. Many are situated in or near towns that need a boost in their population. There is no better way to do this then by offering some incentives to encourage people to move to these regions. The government uses these small parcels of lands for that purpose. It is a triple win situation. The government gets rid of land they have no real purpose for. The town gets to enjoy growth. The new homesteader is getting a great start with free property.

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