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Lamont, Florida


Brett comes from a long line of outdoorsmen who have called the Red Hills, and its surrounding lands and water, home. At an early age, he was taught by his father and grandfather to be a conservationist and to have respect for the land. He spent most of his free time as a child with his father on their Aucilla River property hunting or fishing in the pristine part of the \"Old Florida.\" If he wasn\'t on the water or in the woods, he was in the saddle. Brett is a third-generation Horseman and trainer. He began riding at age 8; and by the time he was 15, he was training and showing performance horses all over the East Coast. The dedicated pursuit of these passions allowed him to develop a keen eye for high-quality farms, ranches, and land. Brett enjoys traveling the country and spending time in the outdoors. He and his wife, Audra, have been to 8 national parks and many other beautiful places in between in just the past three years. During the fall, Brett is pursuing his passion for wing shooting and big game hunting. In the spring, it\'s early morning gobbles and tailing redfish. Brett also has over a decade of experience in construction management, which helps him understand and appreciate architecture, and gives him experience in developing blueprints for all kinds of projects.\"This is a dream opportunity for me to work with Jon Kohler and his impeccable reputation for bringing great properties to market. I look forward to using my love of the land and working with people to be the catalyst for helping people take their place as the next stewards of these great properties\" Brett Bryan

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