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Cuba, Missouri


Brian has been in the real estate world since 2005. As a skilled tradesman and current owner of a multimillion-dollar general contracting company, he understands real estate on a very high level and is a player in the real estate world every day. In this time, he\'s grown to love real estate and what goes into a great property. Brian grew up in a small town in Iowa hunting and fishing and loving the outdoors and playing sports. One of his loves is a weekend at the lake boating and fishing. One of his other loves is baseball. He played college baseball at the University of Iowa, has a master\'s degree, and has been a high school baseball Head Coach in the Kansas City area since 2005. He has coached 2 State Championships teams in his time coaching. As a player, coach, and business leader, Brian has a strong ability to focus on the task at hand, work hard for success and lead his players and clients alike to success. He is someone you can trust, believe in, who will work hard for you, and in the end, bring you a product you are proud of and will enjoy for years to come. Brian is a landowner himself, owning several properties of his own for his company and personally. So, he can truly relate to his client\'s thoughts, feelings, and goals of owning real estate.

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