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Enterprise, Oregon


Caleb started selling farms, ranches, timberland, and recreational real estate in 2018 and quickly grew his career to selling several large ranches annually across several states. The speed at which Caleb\'s career grew is very rare in the real estate industry and is a true gauge for high level of passion and enjoyment he has for his career. Caleb has much to bring to the table as a multigenerational farmer, rancher, life-long outdoorsman, and investor in ranches. Caleb has additional experience working with clients navigating water rights, carbon credits, agricultural leasing, hunting leases, conservation easements, timber harvest, and more. The amount of contacts and professional relationships throughout the industry Caleb has adds a lot of value for his clients as well. Caleb believes that being a great broker means adding value for the client through proper strategy, structure, effective communication, experienced-backed knowledge, and taking the time to understand the needs of the client. Getting to see new country and meet new people almost daily is something Caleb absolutely loves to do and encourages anyone to call him any time.

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