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Freeburg, Missouri


Growing up on a cattle farm in rural Missouri has been the foundation for Dale\'s love of the outdoors and his appreciation for land. Whether it\'s for hunting, farming or crops, Dale can understand the value of any property. Dale\'s Christian background helped shape him into the generous, friendly and professional person he is today. As a young boy, Dale\'s outdoor addiction began by stalking trophy whitetails, chasing gobbling long beards and catching largemouth bass. The need for improved hunting inspired a cooperative effort to maximize both land profits and recreational opportunity. Transforming a century cattle farm into prime whitetail and turkey habitat was not an easy task, but now the family farm is flourishing with dozens of food plots, sanctuaries and abundant wildlife. Dale now finds himself on adventures all over the Midwest in pursuit of everything from migrating greenheads, to bow hunting wild boar, to limits of giant southern crappie. After graduating from Lincoln University, Dale started working in the residential remodeling industry. The planning, flexibility, and execution he learned through multiple and diverse projects allowed Dale to identify every potential gain or burden from multiple viewpoints. Dale\'s love for hunting, fishing and cultivating land has diversified his background and ingrained a valuable knowledge to maximize land potential. By combining both facets of his background, Dale decided to follow his dream as a real estate agent and land specialist. If you are looking to sell, Dale prides himself on his ability to identify and highlight characteristic that will make your land marketable. If you want to purchase your next great adventure or hunting oasis, Dale will work hard to find you just what you are looking for. This isn\'t just a way of life for him, it\'s his passion.

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