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Damon Bungard grew up as a military dependent roaming the world and growing up with adventures in the outdoors. Whether standing in them with a fly rod, or floating down them on a kayak, Damon’s particular love of rivers and travel have taken him from Chile to Alaska in search of the next native fish, wave to surf, or waterfall to run. He’s also had a lifelong passion for hunting and shooting sports, and eagerly awaits archery, muzzleloader and rifle seasons every year. These passions led to Damon’s career in the outdoors. While getting his engineering degree from Clemson, his professional outdoorsman career began as a whitewater kayaker, and after working in the defense industry for many years, he transitioned full time to Jackson Kayak as Product Manager, bringing many innovations and products to market. From there he transitioned to the shooting sports industry as Senior Marketing Manager for BPI Outdoors (Bergara, CVA, Powerbelt, Quake and Durasight), and eventually putting his product development hat back on as VP of Product for BREEO. He’s also well known for helping hunters recover lost game with his tracking dog, Jaeger (@jaegertracks), and his written stories, images and film have appeared in many publications and outdoor media over the years. Damon and his family made the decision to move to Blacksburg, VA to raise their family in the outdoors. There you’ll find Damon, his wife Ashley, son Barrett, and dogs Jaeger, Grizzly and Tripper enjoying the Southern Appalachians and New River that helped form Damon into the outdoorsman he is today. His focus is now with Mossy Oak Properties, helping others invest the most valuable thing they own, their time, on places to pursue the passions they love.

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