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Fort Benton, Montana


Ella Jurenka grew up in eastern Montana in Whitewater where both her mother and father\'s families put down their roots in agriculture. Her connection and abiding love for the land inspired her to follow in those footsteps. She and her husband, along with their five children, farm and ranch in Big Sandy, Montana, a close-knit community located in the \"Golden Triangle.\" Along with raising cattle and crops, Ella cheers on her children while they compete in basketball, volleyball, football, track, and 4-H. Watching her kids be involved in sports and exhibit a common passion for farming and ranching authenticates this rural way of living. As a family, they share the chores and operations that are involved in helping produce food and commodities for our country.In addition to her strong ties to farming and ranching, Ella grew up watching her father thrive in the real estate industry. She shares the same determination to succeed and truly enjoys bringing people together while helping them buy or sell land. Working as a real estate Broker requires a streak of independence and a willingness to work hard. Both of which, Ella utilizes in her day-to-day life. Her experiences give her a unique perception of working ranches and their correlation with agricultural production. She is passionate about sharing her love for Montana with her clients. Montana is \"the last best place,\" a place where people welcome you into their community and family. Montanans take pride in hard work, and like Ella and her family, have a deep appreciation and respect for the land. Ella is anxious to help buyers and sellers through the process as she understands it\'s a pivotal time in an individual\'s life. She welcomes the challenge to diligently prove that no vision is out of reach. Equipped with an unshakable work ethic, valuable knowledge, and genuine experiences, Ella leads buyers and sellers through the transaction pouring in her heart and soul every step of the way. Because she lives the life of a farmer and rancher, it\'s quite simply the only way she knows.

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