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Jeff is a Washington native and considers the entire State his home. From his office in Enumclaw, Washington he enjoys ranging from the coast to Spokane, and visiting rural and remote locations as an exciting part of his business. Jeff shares a passion for the outdoor rural lifestyle with his clients and loves swapping hunting and fishing stories. Unlike other brokers, he is the guy that puts on boots and is not afraid to get his feet wet walking the property boundaries. Jeff was born in and raised outside of Enumclaw, Washington, the son of a logger and horseman. Raised on a small ranch he became accustomed to the rural ranching lifestyle. As a small child, he learned to ride, rope, fish and hunt at a very early age. While most children were in front of the TV or at the playground, he was outdoors running around in the woods and fields. Jeff likes to say that as a child the wild outdoors was his playground. As a teenager Jeff team roped, raced motocross, hunted and fished. As a young man, Jeff went to work as a logger for Weyerhaeuser right out of high school. He eventually made it on to the construction crew where he built logging roads as an explosives tech and cat-skinner.In the mid-eighties logging began to slow down. Jeff quit the woods and went to college full time and earned a degree in electronics. After many years at a bench looking at test equipment, circuit boards and prints he realized that sitting indoors was not his gig. Jeff wanted his own business so in 1995 he studied hard, passed the State test and got a real estate license, he has remained continuously licensed since. He sold mostly land and new homes which led him into the construction business. Jeff started a new home-building business in 2002 where he developed land and built new homes until the recession in 2008. He closed the construction business and returned to his full-time real estate. Most recently he completed the state-approved managing real estate broker training, passed the state test and other requirements and is now a Designated Broker for Washington State! This means now he is qualified to manage other real estate brokers. Today, as he has all his life, he is an avid outdoorsman. He hunts, fishes, hikes, goes ORVing and clamming and generally enjoys the outdoors. He also enjoys outdoor and nature photography. When the days get short and the weather is not fun he is a guitarist in a classic rock band. Jeff currently resides and has his office in his hometown of Enumclaw, Washington with his wife and two horribly spoiled cats.

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