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Licensed Broker. Oregon <a href=\"tel:5419807444\">541-980-7444</a> <a href=\"mailto:[email protected]\">[email protected]</a> in Eastern Oregon, Local to Central OregonJosh was raised in beautiful Eastern Oregon on a family owned and operated wheat ranch. Being raised in a community where agriculture and the outdoors is everything is what influences Josh\'s values today. It gave him the opportunity to experience everything it has to offer and is where he learned his great work ethic and strong moral values.The ranch was home to deer, elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, pheasant, and chukar. Growing up there was the direct reason that he became an avid bow hunter and fishing enthusiast. The land supplied him with plenty of great hunting opportunities.After high school, Josh attended Eastern Oregon University where he received his Bachelor\'s Degree in Business Management. Although he wasn\'t sure what career path to choose, he was sure about one thing; his passion for the outdoor way of life. After a lot of work and experience, mostly revolving around agriculture and various sales and marketing jobs, it became clear what Josh wanted to focus on...Holding true to his great work ethic and goals of helping people navigate through a successful real estate transaction while building a great relationship during the process, is why Josh joined Land and Wildlife. The company motto of \"we live the lifestyle that we sell\", mirrors his belief in having a passion for what you do, and is the most import reason he joined the Land and Wildlife Brokerage firm.Although Josh currently lives in Bend, Oregon, he returns regularly to the family ranch to help out in whatever way necessary.

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