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Fort Collins, Colorado


Rick Denief was raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota and has always enjoyed his hometown history enriched with homesteaders, outlaws, pastors, and entrepreneurship. Brought up with a strong work ethic developed by being raised in the building trades, most of Rick\'s family stories surround ranching in western South Dakota and building something from nothing. \"With an electrician for a father, my first job was learning to wire houses as an 8-year-old.\" Having a grandfather who was a master builder and uncles that proved successful in real estate developing, it was only natural for Rick to discover his own passion for building, developing and eventually brokering real estate. Speaking of passion, He met Linda in their very first real estate class and closed the best deal in life with a marriage that\'s so far lasted through over three decades and been blessed with five great kids! Beginning as a real estate agent in Rapid City, Rick has spent 35+ years cultivating a sales career with success in brokering deals for executives, business owners, farmers, ranchers and the eager \"good ole boys\" with a bent toward the entrepreneurial. \"As someone who has owned and managed businesses throughout my career, I always represent my clients with the philosophy of treating people as I want to be treated. If it takes a vision for the future to get the job done, you can borrow mine. If you want a win-win solution, ask me. When it takes a personable salesman to get the deal closed, just give me a call.\"

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