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Eugene, Oregon


Rick departed his small hometown on Lake Michigan in 2000 to follow the \"Call of the West.\" After settling in Eugene, Oregon, he has continued to be an avid outdoorsman by pursuing his interests, which include fly fishing, hunting, white water rafting, rock climbing and mountain biking on both sides of the Cascades and surrounding states.Prior to receiving a bachelor\'s degree in Human Physiology from the University of Oregon in 2016, Rick worked as a volunteer firefighter/EMT-I, commercial carpenter and welder. As an autonomous learner and someone who thrives to push boundaries, explore and grow, Rick currently splits his time with the University of Oregon\'s Museum of Cultural and Natural History as a field Archaeologist and helping to manage a 2000-acre filbert and stock ranch along the McKenzie River where he resides.In his own words, \"The reason I chose to pursue real estate came down to the simple motto, \'We live the lifestyle that we sell.\' I have always engaged and will continue to immerse myself in the beauty and wildness that surrounds us in the Pacific Northwest and if I can be part of achieving that legacy for another person or family then my time has been well spent.\"

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