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Relationships have always been the currency, but today, its really the \"new\" currency. I believe in honesty, respect, and still a hand shake.Rodney, is one of 7 children, being right in the middle and just 1 of the 6 boys, his father and mother showed the children the value of hard work and responsibility at an early age. Being raised on a farm and ranch, Rodney knows the value of getting up early, from collecting eggs to picking sweet corn all before breakfast and school. From learning how to set dikes without water and of course with water, shovel work, irrigation tubes, bucking hay, and there was always cattle work to do. Working all kinds of hours from baleing hay at 2-3am in the morning or getting picked up after school to delivery hay to horse barns. Rodney is a graduate of the University of Wyoming, majoring in Business Management and Finance. He started out trading commodities, primarily corn and wheat for farmers.Rodney has a great love for all things outdoors, with his passion to living and working in Alaska to the corn fields of Nebraska. In the 1950\'s, his grandfather started raising black angus cattle and delivering hay to ranches for their horses. To this day, Rodney\'s family still does all that, along with hosting their family\'s own annual bull sale of registered black angus and is also heavily involved with the Angus Association. Rodney now raises his own registered black angus. \"I always wanted to be involved in agriculture, this is the livelihood of America,\" quoted Rodney. Rodney has always lived the lifestyle of the outdoors. He lives in the Tri-Cities area where there are over 90 different crops grown. For the last 10 years, Rodney and his wife have been busy raising 4 children to pass down the values that he grew up with. His favorite past time besides being a husband and a dad are, fishing and hunting. He is an avid elk hunter and loves a salmon on the line. Rodney truly loves the lifestyle he sells.

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