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Ron has a multifaceted background in land management services. Through his company, Landholders Leasing LLC, he has worked as a lease agent leasing oil and gas rights. When the oil and gas industry declined, Ron transitioned to professional hunting lease management. He currently manages over 10,000 acres of hunting leases for landowners throughout Pennsylvania. His primary work has been in forestry. He worked as a procurement forester for a local timber company for 24 years. Today he is owner/manager of Noll\'s Forestry Services LLC, working as a Consulting Forester. He believes we have a unique responsibility to pursue proper forest management of our great Pennsylvania timber resource. Real Estate sales was a natural component to add to his land management services. He has assisted landowners through his forestry experience on buying and selling land. He understands every piece of property is unique in and of itself and must be viewed as a one of a kind. Every property has potential and Ron will work alongside buyers and sellers to meet their present needs. Ron enjoys living with his wife in rural western Pennsylvania, watching the birds at the backyard feeder, along with the gobblers strutting in the yard. He enjoys gardening in the summer and the winter whitetail deer season.He looks forward to working with both private landowners and corporate clients alike, handling all types of properties from investment opportunities, recreational properties, hunting land, timberland and the perfect property for the perfect home, second home or camp.

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