Missouri Land for Sale

  • 5 Acres in Missouri

    $19,000, 5 Acres , Lot 8 Whispering Oaks Ranch, , Missouri

    5 Acre Whispering Oaks Ranch Lot 8 Abundant wildlife. Each tract has wonderful views

  • 8.39 Acres in Missouri

    $23,500, 8.39 Acres , Lot 25 Green Mountain Ranch, Shannon, Missouri

    8.39 Acres in Green Mountain Ranch Lot 25 Green Mountain Ranch is perfectly situated w

  • 10.16 Acres in Missouri

    $25,000, 10.16 Acres , Lots 23 Timber Crossing, Douglas, Missouri

    Timber Crossing Lot 23 10.16 Acres These tracts are perfect for a wide variety of re

  • 27.68 Acres in Missouri

    $38,000, 27.68 Acres , Lot 31 Antler Ridge, , Missouri

    Antler Ridge Lot 31 27.68 Acres Tract 31 is a great parcel as it is located directly

  • 0.18 Acres in Missouri

    $6,000, 0.18 Acres , 561 Sharay Circle, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1901-216532 Lot Size: 0.18 acres Owner Finance: $6,000 561 Sharay Circle, Hollister,

  • 0.25 Acres in Missouri

    $2,500, 0.25 Acres , 220 Eagle Crest Circle, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1903-227060 Lot Size: 0.25 acres Cash Sale: $2,500 220 Eagle Crest Circle, Hollister

  • 0.26 Acres in Missouri

    $2,500, 0.26 Acres , 230 Eagle Crest Circle, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1903-227055 Lot Size: 0.26 acres Cash Sale: $2,500 230 Eagle Crest Circle, Hollister

  • 0.29 Acres in Missouri

    $12,000, 0.29 Acres , 164 Shayna's Way, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1903-227059 Lot Size: 0.29 acres Cash Sale: $12,000 164 Shayna's Way, Hollister, MO

  • 0.6 Acres in Missouri

    $2,500, 0.6 Acres , Hill Haven Road, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1903-227058 Lot Size: 0.6 acres Cash Sale: $2,500 Hill Haven Road, Hollister, MO 656

  • 0.68 Acres in Missouri

    $2,000, 0.68 Acres , 138 Bay View Drive, Taney, Missouri

    C-1810-213627 Lot Size: 0.68 acres Cash Sale: $2,000 138 Bay View Drive, Hollister, MO

  • 0.82 Acres in Missouri

    $7,000, 0.82 Acres , 861 Crescent Drive, Taney, Missouri

    LC-1903-227057 Lot Size: 0.82 acres Cash Sale: $7,000 861 Crescent Drive, Hollister, MO

  • 100.6 Acres in Missouri

    $330,000, 100.6 Acres , 2820 NW Barry Road, Daviess, Missouri

    100.6 acres - 50 acres of pasture and 50 acres of timber. Acreage has a fishing pond, matu

  • 12.59 Acres in Missouri

    $31,000, 12.59 Acres , Lot 15 Green Mountain Ranch, Shannon, Missouri

    12.59 Acres in Green Mountain Ranch Lot 15 Green Mountain Ranch is perfectly situated

  • 120 Acres in Missouri

    $399,000, 120 Acres , 410 Olive Street, Hickory, Missouri

    120 +- acre farm and house in Hickory County, MO This farm has it all for a serious buyer

  • 2.5 Acres in Missouri

    $200,000, 2.5 Acres , 12040 Highway 5 S, Wright, Missouri

    Actual address is 12040 Highway 5 Grovespring, MO 65662. 13 miles south of Lebanon at the

  • 0 Acres in Missouri

    $75,000, , , Missouri

    Great house in a superb location! Two bedrooms and two bathrooms with an attached two car


Missouri is the hills Jesse James rode across; it is the rivers Mark Twain floated on. As the site of the two most important river confluences in the country - where the Ohio and Missouri rivers flow into the Mississippi River - Missouri has reigned in the American imagination as the "Gateway to the West" ever since Meriwether Lewis and William Clark launched their Corps of Discovery Expedition here in 1804.

The Show Me State developed along the Missouri River corridor that slices across Missouri from east to west, connecting the great midwestern cities of St. Louis and Kansas City. North of the "Big Muddy," as the Missouri is known, the land rolls gently in the manner of the Great Plains. The southern counties of the state are punctuated by the Ozark Mountains, the most extensive range between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

Available rural land abounds in Missouri. Aside from Texas, there are more farms here than any other state. Of the 100,000 farms several thousand are on the market at any one time, ready to be worked for income or converted into a recreational retreat. Some of the most fertile and affordable farm property is in the counties of Dunklin, New Madrid and Pemiscot that make up the Missouri Bootheel that juts out of the southeasternmost part of the state. Potential land buyers should not be dissuaded by the New Madrid earthquakes that rocked this area in 1811 and remain the most powerful tremblers ever to strike the eastern United States.

Affordable prices are the watch word of hunting land in the Ozarks where the foothills are saturated with trophy game. Fishermen can look for property along the more than one million Missouri acres of surface water that are home to more than 200 species of fish, including some of America's largest catfish.