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Ranch Land News

How One Experienced Rancher Is Diversifying His Operation

One quality of ranching that we appreciate the most is the legacy of a ranch that is passed down between generations. As we are experienced ranchers, cattlemen, and hunters ourselves, we know just how invaluable real experience is to running successful ranching operations. Experience matters, and the knowledge of your land’s heritage and history is crucial to ensuring your ranch continues to create opportunities for younger generations. read more…

6 Things Everyone Should Know Before Buying a Ranch

The agricultural industry is as old as time, and with over 2 million farms and ranches spread across the U.S. today, it’s no wonder that more and more people are looking at investing in ranch land. Whether you’re in Texas, Wyoming, South Dakota, Arizona, or wherever there are some common threads that bind ranches everywhere together read more…

The Best Things About Owning A Ranch

It’s difficult to describe all of the best things about owning a ranch – maybe it’s the legacy you leave, maybe it’s the time you spend with family working on the land. Perhaps it’s a great tax write off or maybe it’s simply a matter of pride of ownership read more…


Becoming the proud owner of a ranch can provide intangible benefits like quality family time and embracing the beauty of nature. If you choose your property wisely and maintain well-kept land, you will also be able to reach substantial benefits. Choose your property wisely and manage the land carefully, and ranches can provide tangible benefits as well. Well-run working ranches can yield 1 percent to 3 percent of income annually, says Alex Maher, owner of Live Water Properties, a Jackson Hole, Wyo.-based real estate firm that specializes in ranches. “They can more than pay for their expenses and provide returns better than a CD.”

Ranchland can vary greatly by region, as well as factors that directly affect its value. Underlying factors that can affect value include things like supply and demand within the local or regional market, the price of cattle, interest rates for leasing land to graze as well as any number of other economic variables. Also, the price-per-acre of pasture can vary depending on the type of amenities offered and resources that are readily available to aid with cultivation or foraging.

Class-A ranches—those in the best locations, with profitable cattle operations and wildlife habitat—weathered the financial crisis and recovered quickly, says James H. Taylor, managing partner at Hall and Hall, a national ranch and farmland broker. The reasons: rising commodity prices, a limited supply of properties and deep-pocketed owners. “There’s nothing that drives them to sell in a down market,” Taylor says.

If you are looking at purchasing ranch land that is located on streams and rivers, it is a smart move. “There’s tremendous value in owning land, particularly on streams and rivers,” says Paul Slivon, a San Francisco investment advisor who owns a roughly 200- acre ranch near Steamboat, Colo. “There are some places where you can’t get access to that water unless you own it. That’s a big deal. They can build new golf courses, but they can’t build new rivers.”

If you are unaware of what you’re getting yourself into, owning a ranch can turn into a tedious, time-consuming and costly responsibility. LandHub.com is here to help you every step of the way during the process of purchasing a ranch. We are pleased that you have chosen our platform to bring your vision to life. It is our hope that you find the ranch that you have always dreamed of.

Ranches Frequently Asked Questions

Ranches signify the wilderness of America. The beauty of the rolling grasslands, the breathtaking mountain views, the calming river are some of the reasons why people buy ranches. There are many benefits of owning a ranch such as the scenic beauty of nature and uninterrupted time with family.

How expensive is a Ranch?

The thought of owning a ranch can be daunting and exciting at the same time. Along with the rewards that come your way, a ton of responsibilities also appears. The cost of a ranch depends on the acreage and location. Usually, ranches are affordable depending on how many acres of land you want to buy. Prices can vary from thousands to millions of dollars.

What is the cost of a working ranch?

Such types of ranches are generally used for agricultural purposes like ranching livestock or growing agricultural produce. The cost for this purpose would depend on the number of livestock you want to purchase. Further, the cost for their feed is also to be incurred. Costs are also incurred to keep the land in usable condition. For all this work, you need to hire a team of experienced people. The team will help you in operating and building facilities for the livestock. The team will also help you in keeping the surroundings clean so that you and your family can live there.

What is the cost of recreational ranching?

The cost of maintaining and developing a ranch for recreation depends on its use. Such places require constant upkeep and maintenance. Again, you may need a team to achieve top-notch facilities. The aim of such ranches is to provide all sorts of amenities.

Why should one buy a ranch?

Owning a ranch taps into the desire for freedom and space. Owning a ranch has become very popular in recent times. People grow food products on their ranch and sell them in the nearby markets. This can turn out to be a great investment option.

What are the tax considerations when buying a ranch?

It is advisable to check with your tax advisor before purchasing any property. Taxes levied on ranches depend upon how the owner intends to use the ranch. Ranch owners often will just say that the property is only an investment. However, the owner needs to be more specific as to how the property would be used. For example, is it going to be your second home? Will the property be used for ranching activities? Is the property going to be rented to tenants for residential or agricultural purposes? The answers to these questions will play a key role in the determination of the income tax that is to be paid. It will also underline the exemptions that an owner can enjoy.

Is it profitable to build dude ranches/guest ranches?

Guest ranches have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. Guest ranches have become a popular vacation destination for Americans. Although starting a dude ranch is capital intensive, there is a myriad of reasons to go through with the idea of constructing it. Some of the benefits are rewarding lifestyle, strong demand, and the possibility for great returns. Such ranches provide various activities like swimming, outdoor barbeques, horse-back riding, tennis, mountain bike, hiking and ATV trails, and other sports activities. Such resorts need promoting and advertising. This increases the initial cost of getting into this business.

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