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The Advantages of Mobile Home Living

the advantages of mobile home living

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Published date:

August 17, 2017

Last updated date:

August 17, 2017

By Manny Manriquez

by Bella Scotton Photo credit: When you are looking at mobile home housing in the United States, you will often hear it referred to as manufactured housing. For some, they look at this as seasonal living or a second home. For many others, this way of living is their full-time residence, and it comes with a lot of advantages.
The Size of manufactured homes
Those that are not familiar with this type of living have the misconception that space is small and cramped. What you may not be aware of is that the average mobile home has about the same square footage that a small two bedroom home may have or a large apartment. The average mobile home is about 1,100. Sq. feet. So when choosing this living option, you are not compromising on space. It is the layout of these types of homes that may be misleading you.
Less Maintenance and Costs
You will have less of an expense if something goes wrong with this kind of home compared to a traditional home. The roof area is smaller so a roof replacement would be less expensive. The furnace doesn't have to be as big as it would be for a regular home so that replacement costs would be less. Your utility costs will be less.
Property or Land Rent
One of the significant costs that you need to look at when you are investing in a mobile home is where you are going to put it. You may have two options. You can have it located in a designated trailer park where you would pay a monthly lot fee. Or, you can buy a small piece of land and put your manufactured home on this. Either option is a cheaper alternative to purchasing a home. While there are some significant benefits to buying and living in a manufactured home you need to determine if this style of living is for you as there are some adjustments to be made.
Who is Cut Out For Manufactured Home Living?
Surprisingly some may think that this type of living is only applicable to those who have retired and want to live out their golden years in a simple manner. It is far from the truth as even millennials are catching onto this way of living.
Here are a few examples of some mobile living success stories:
One young couple made a brilliant move of buying a mobile home just a few months after they married. They have upgraded their mobile and are now in the process of selling it hopefully at a profit that will give them a down payment for a traditional home. Another great story revolves around the young man who moved back home to help his parents out financially. His approach was to buy a mobile home that they all could comfortably live in and by doing so reduced their monthly costs dramatically. Some of the additional stories about mobile home living depict that the parks they live in are well maintained and clean. It is a safer environment, and it is an easy way of living.
Top five cities for Mobile Home Living:
  • Village Park, Florida
  • Lincoln Park, Texas
  • Landfall, Minnesota
  • Longneck, Delaware
  • Ocean Breeze Park, Florida
But don't forget about your option for buying a small parcel of property that will work well for your manufactured home Sources: Like this article?  Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:  

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