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Betting on The Wall Isn't Over Yet

betting on the wall isn't over yet

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Published date:

April 21, 2018

Last updated date:

April 21, 2018

By Manny Manriquez

When the first hint of the concept of a wall being built between the US and Mexico arose everyone had their own viewpoint on what its impact would be. In a recent article "Betting on the Wall" we talked about the viewpoints of many and the potential impact it could have. Part of this pertained to the impact it would have on real estate. There was a lot of forecasting taking place at this time. But, where does all of this stand now?
No Wall as Yet
President Trump has spent the last year battling to get the wall built. He has faced many stumbling blocks but that does not seem to have thwarted his enthusiasm. After all, it was a campaign promise.  Without the funding in place he has had to be innovative in his methodology to get the money needed.  As a temporary fix his latest actions have brought the National Guard to man the wall.
What Do the Governors Say?
As one may expect the governors of the border States are fully supportive of this.
New Mexico
Susana Martinez, Governor of New Mexico, is all for the extra security that the National Guard will bring by way of protection. For those interested in buying property here now may be the perfect time to do so. With the extra security property owners can be more at rest knowing they live in a secure area.
The Texas Governor being a Republican by nature has to stand behind his party. However, aside from that he feels that the National Guard presence is a step in the right direction. There are property owners here who are willing to give up a portion of their land for the sake of safety. There are some that are tired with dealing with the drug cartels and the smuggling of humans.
The Arizona Governor also supports the deployment of the National Guard as a means of stepping up public safety.
The California Governor appears to be staying fairly conservative regarding the latest move by Trump. For those interested in buying property in San Diego county now may be a great time to do so. With the extra security being put in place the safety of the environment is greatly increased.
How Long will the Temporary Fix Last?
For some, they question as to whether this temporary fix is going to be long lasting. One thing that most will agree on is that President Trump is adamant about curbing the influx of illegal immigrants and drug running. As long as he is in Office it is not likely he will give up. Many property owners and new buyers they are taking confidence with this. Of course, there is always the concern about the future in the event President Trump doesn't get re-elected. But one would think that no matter who was to step into this position they are aware of the importance of border security. Most likely future runners will include this as part of their campaign platform.
Mexico for Vacation Property?
For those US citizens wanting to buy vacation property in Mexico they may be giving it second thought. That is if they are focused on the president's words that Mexico is the most dangerous country in the world. Before jumping to this conclusion it would only be fair to listen to Mexico's response to such a statement. Mexico believes that part of the problem they face in regards to violence is a causes by the US. Indicating that the major problems are US guns and the high demand for drugs.
The Future for US Property Investors
The wall is just one segment that is having an impact on real estate in the US. Another major factor and perhaps one with even more potential for being devastating to the real estate market is the proposed tariffs that the President is now focusing his attention on. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:  

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