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Buying Land for Your Retirement: How to Age-in-Place

buying land for your retirement: how to age-in-place

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Published date:

May 10, 2016

Last updated date:

May 26, 2024

By Mark Bingaman

When a person reaches a certain age they naturally begin to think of retirement and, if means allow, where they'd like to relocate, buy land, property, or a new home. Some may be in their fifties and planning ahead, while others may have reached retirement itself and feel an urge to “make the plunge” right now. If this goal is something etched on your radar, then finding land for sale and the perfect spot to age-in-place is just the beginning of your adventure. The term “age-in-place” explains boomers and seniors making an effort to ensure that they will be able to remain in their own homes – living independently – for as long as possible, and through renovations and planning ahead, avoid being forced to move to a retirement community or nursing home when their health and physical mobility begins to falter. The key is to begin small remodeling projects now, while health and finances allow it. The goal is to age in place comfortably and safely by making some minor adjustments to the house. These tips will make it easier for a senior to safely navigate a home and the land for sale they purchased. 1) Accidents happen in the bathroom with frequency and this spot is especially dangerous as we age, so remodel it first! Install grab bars, and slip-free and step-free showers. Do whatever is feasible to make the bathroom larger to allow plenty of space for a wheelchair and a caregiver. Don't forget to widen the doorway for a wheelchair. 2) Widen all doorways in the home to make room for a wheelchair. Replace doorknobs with handles, an idea that will reduce pain for those with arthritis. 3) Steps leading to the entrance of the home should be replaced, if at all possible. Install ramps and grab bars in convenient spots. 4) If the home has more than one level, plan in advance to bring as much as possible to the first level. This includes a bedroom, bathroom, and laundry room. 5) Remodel the kitchen, installing appliances with easy-to-turn knobs. Many companies specialize in a wide number of features that can make working in the kitchen far easier for a senior citizen. Things like the installation of adjustable counter tops and lowered cabinets and pantries will make life far easier for any elder in the kitchen. 6) If the house is especially large, or if caregivers will be living upstairs, install an intercom for reliable communication. 7) Searching for U.S. property for sale that includes a vast plot of land? Whether you need to trek to the stable to take care of your horses, or just want to enjoy the pond or lake on your property, make sure you can do so safely years down the road, even when walking and outdoor activities become too physically demanding. Install paved walkways now (and maybe handrails in certain spots) and brainstorm ways now to make it easier to handle chores years down the road. For example, if you want to be able to feed the horses yourself, will you be able to lift and transports the hay from here to there? Thinking about challenges in the future makes it easier to solve them now. Your future self will thank you. The land for sale here on includes spots and locales perfect for any retirement lifestyle. As you search for property to buy, visualize yourself aging-in-place and remaining in your home well past the point where many of your peers have shuffled off to the nursing home. This is how you make the golden years even more golden. National Association of Home Builders: Aging in Place Specialists National Institutes of Health: Aging in Place Tips Save


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