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Cities and States That Pay You to Move

cities and states that pay you to move

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Published date:

October 26, 2022

Last updated date:

October 26, 2022

By Manny Manriquez

Are you considering a fresh start in a new city? Are you worried about rising housing and living costs in big cities across the US? There are many places in the U.S. which will pay you to move to their state! Without a doubt, the idea of moving to a new place and starting fresh seems like a dream to most people at some point in their lives, but these thoughts are quickly followed up with the stress and concerns of financial costs and personal expenses. Reality can hit hard once you consider relocation logistics and costs, professional commitments, and personal responsibilities in your life. It is actually possible to lighten the load and pressure of moving while considering low-cost states that offer paid incentives for Americans interested in relocating permanently. There is a continued interest in moving out of larger cities due to climbing rental and property costs, as well as everyday living costs, in exchange for a better overall quality of life. So what options are states offering for new residents? West Virginia The state is offering $12,000 to new residents as an incentive to relocate with “no strings attached” and emphasizes the recreational opportunities, working spaces for professional nomads, and many other forms of assistance and programs. There is even a tool to compare and contrast the cost of living in West Virginia with your home state. The state is an ideal location for those seeking adventures outdoors and natural landscapes and growing communities that offer plenty of professional opportunities. Arizona Arizona continues to be a rapidly growing state that offers a beautiful desert landscape, mountains, hundreds of miles of hiking and cycling trails, horseback riding, and a mostly dry heat for those looking to escape humid or rainy locations. If you are a remote worker, Tucson is a great place to work and live while getting paid to do so! According to Liz Pocock, CEO at Startup Tucson, remote workers that are selected for the second round of Remote Tucson will receive almost $9,000 in incentives!  Sponsors of the program include Airbnb, the City of Tucson, Southern Arizona Leadership Council, Marshall Foundation, Main Gate Square, Visit Tucson, Pima County, Bourn Companies, and TEP. The benefits package for those considering moving to Tucson includes day-to-day expenses as well as enjoyable activities to begin comfortably making yourself at home. Maine If you are looking for a northeastern state look no further than Maine. This state is ideal for new graduates or those seeking to start out their careers. Maine offers attractive financial deals and is regularly ranked as one of the healthiest states in the U.S. If public transportation, health care, future retirement plans, or natural landscapes are what you are looking for, then consider resettling in Maine. Vermont Consider Vermont if you are already a remote worker seeking a new environment but dread relocation expenses. This state has a stunning, natural landscape that offers a breath of fresh air when compared to the bustling city life. Vermont will announce its fourth relocation program package including financial incentives for remote workers interested in moving to the Green Mountain State. Oklahoma Oklahoma uniquely offers incentives to both remote workers and those seeking a permanent relocation for job-seeking purposes for in-office jobs. Cities such as Tulsa have begun offering attractive packages to newcomers that include appealing housing offers, trendy neighborhoods, and dynamic communities that are quite difficult to find in larger, coastal cities. Oklahoma aims to attract talented persons nationwide and build a successful, diverse workforce. Nebraska The state is offering a diverse number of financial programs for remote workers, and small business owners, as well as projects. The various programs are designed to attract new talent to Nebraska, primarily focusing on project grant proposals, small and large business grants, workforce recruitment, tax credit incentives, film proposals, and rural-focused projects. Nebraska’s option-driven financial packages are an excellent consideration for residents who are looking to take advantage of different financial packages from a state. Alaska A true change of scenery—Alaska. This may seem like a far-fetched idea to those living far from this mysterious state. Alaska offers multiple grant programs and tax incentives to newcomers ready to live in the state. Alaska’s unique program, Permanent Fund Dividend, provides all Alaskans with an annual check just for living in the state—no questions asked! Alaska is known for its incredibly low cost of living and stunning natural beauty. For anyone seeking to move to a state that offers cooler weather, diverse natural landscapes, and a guaranteed annual check, then Alaska is that state. Iowa If you are considering moving with your family, or even if you are considering purchasing or build a home for yourself, think about moving to Iowa for its notable housing and tax incentives. Iowa is known for its slow-living lifestyle and traditional American architecture and neighborhoods. The state boasts incredible sporting venues, museums, and unique festivals. For persons or families that are food-conscious or restaurant lovers, Iowa is known for its farm-to-table menus and healthy cuisine. Maryland The beautiful state of Maryland is ready to pay you to move to Baltimore when you purchase a home. The state is known for its incredible seafood, coastal views, and health care facilities. Now, they are ready to pay you to move there with the purchase of your first home, or the purchase of vacant homes. Whether you are a remote worker or ready to start a new career in a brand-new city—there are options for you! Many of the cities listed above also provide nearby access to national, and even international airports, allowing newcomers to have reasonable access to friends and family after they move. Moving to an affordable city is the up-and-coming trend across the US and now is the time to start considering a move to a state that offers incentives to new residents. The process varies from state to state and timelines can be considerable depending on the state you intend to move to, the program of your choice, and if you intend to purchase property there. It’s best to start looking as early as possible in preparation and begin discussing your options if you do not intend to move alone. Whether you are a young remote worker or nearing retirement with a family, there are many options to consider for relocation in the US. Take advantage of cities that will pay you to move! 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