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Living the Life of Luxury with Tiny House Living

living the life of luxury with tiny house living

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Published date:

March 23, 2018

Last updated date:

March 23, 2018

By Manny Manriquez

One may think that when it comes to living the life of luxury that it means a big estate home with a swimming pool in the backyard. Also, perhaps a big fancy car in the driveway. There is certainly nothing wrong with this lifestyle. Many people have worked hard to get to where they can afford this type of living. However, there is another way to live the life of luxury that is totally the opposite. It is a life of luxury because it brings joy, peace, happiness, security and most importantly a sense of freedom. This golden living opportunity is Tiny House Living.

Tiny House Luxury Living Is....

Not having the responsibility of paying a large mortgage for a house where a majority of the space is not enjoyed.
  • There is no major upkeep for repairs that standard house living brings.
  • The high costs of utilities that come with a regular house are dramatically decreased.
  • There are no bad habits that cost a lot of money, like there are with a routine lifestyle. For example, food is not wasted because there is not a lot of space for storing it. There is no need to have a television and computer in every room of the house. Money isn't spent on closet full of clothes that never get worn. There are no drawers full of gadgets that have lost their intrigue. There isn't a garage full of toys that never get used.
  • There are no worries about having to furnish multiple rooms throughout the house.
Tiny house living is owning a piece of property that is the perfect size for the individual, couple or small family. Property that is affordable because it is going to accommodate the small house structure.
  • It is all about not having all those traditional cost of living debts.
  • The financial, mental as well as physical freedom that comes with tiny house living can far surpass those benefits that come with the traditional luxury living.
  • Tiny house home owners can often afford to do the things in life wherever and whenever they want. Their money is going to what pleases them and not to a lifestyle that takes two thirds of their hard earned money.

Getting Started With Small House Living

Creating the Right Mindset
It all begins with the mindset. Those that are going to embark on this wonderful journey in life have to change their way of thinking. It means really looking at what their needs are; then downsizing on their wants. Wants are usually all those items that fill up a house because it is expected as a traditional way of living. Learning to live with the necessities, which is all a tiny house will accommodate, is the key to success for tiny house living.
Choosing the Right Tiny House
One of the most exciting aspects about buying a Tiny House is the choices and opportunities. A buyer doesn't have to make due with a specific house  simply because it is the only one available in the neighborhood they want to live in. There are some grand choices of Tiny House Kits that an interested buyer can invest in. These will vary in their size and shapes. They come as a kit so the buyer can purchase property wherever they want to construct the new tiny home on. The freedom this allows is an amazing experience.
Choosing the Property
With the freedom of being able to erect the tiny house comes the freedom of where one wants to buy their property for this. There are so many options with none of the restrictions of traditional house buying. If one wants just a small parcel of land this is no problem. For those that have always dreamed of having a large piece of land, the opportunity to do so is now here.
The biggest challenge of all comes with the downsizing. It takes some real thought and planning as to what items are going to be taken to the new Tiny House. When one just focuses on the necessities, they will soon see that they all fit into the new home quite nicely. Plus, they will be pleasantly surprised to discover that those necessities are really the items that they have already been using the most anyway. The rest were basically gathering dust. The following is a list of Tiny House Kit providers across several states: Alabama: California: Colorado: Florida: Georgia: Michigan: North Carolina: South Carolina: Tennessee: Texas: Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:  

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