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Is Poultry Farming Still Viable?

is poultry farming still viable?

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Published date:

December 07, 2017

Last updated date:

December 07, 2017

By Manny Manriquez

by Bella Scotton Once you’ve decided to enter the farm and industry, you’ll have many more decisions to make. In fact, it is just the beginning of many. Next you’ll have to determine what you want to invest in as you build your farm in business. Are you going to go just for crop growing? Or, are you interested in raising livestock? If the latter is your choice then the next step is what kind of livestock are you favoring?

Poultry Farming

While there are plenty of choices of livestock to choose from you can consider chicken farming to be one of the more lucrative ones. Some say there are less risks and hassles with this type of farming. Don't think that the decision making stops here. You still have to decide which type of poultry you are going to raise. Some of your choices are chickens, turkeys or maybe quail or Guinea fowl. They each come with their own financial benefits and their own distinct responsibilities. Many farmers go with chicken raising because it is one of the more popular not only for farming but as a source of meat for the replacement of red meats. As more people are tending to stray away from the red meats this sets the chicken farmer up for greater success and profits. It is true that the value of the production of poultry farming did drop in 2016 but it still came in at $38.7 billion dollars. Now with the US economy being more stable it paints an even prettier picture for the future for this type of business.


While there are many success stories that come from the hard work and due diligence that goes into this kind of farming, export of produce is highly important to the growth of the industry. One piece of good news for poultry farmers that rely on export to grow their business was in 2016 when Saudi Arabia opened up the export market for 15 of the states.

Chickens for Eggs

Poultry farming doesn't just focus on the raising of chickens for meat. There are many that like to venture into this type of farming for egg production. If one is considering just how viable this type of farming is then it just means looking at the stats which show that egg production during April of 2017 was in the amount of 7.55 billion. Humane handling of the chickens is a big factor with many people, and can raise a concern. However, one success story that warms the hearts of many is the actions taken like those who started Vital Farms. Not only have their actions contributed to the success of this type of poultry farming, it has set new standards for pasteurized poultry raising. Plus, the increase in profits with a different approach to egg farming has been most impressive.

The Best Chicken Producing States

While almost every state has it fair share of poultry producers, some states are more known for this than others. On the list Alabama comes in as the second most popular state with chicken production of  1.08 billion ringing in a value of  $3.32 billion. So for those who may be interested farming and particularly poultry farming, then it would be well worth your while to check out some properties in Alabama that are going to allow you to venture into this type of farming. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:  

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