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Put North Dakota On Your List Of Places To Retire

put north dakota on your list of places to retire

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Published date:

September 23, 2020

Last updated date:

November 19, 2023

By Manny Manriquez

Florida may be the go-to state when talking about places to retire, but depending on what you’re looking for it may be time to reconsider the place where you want to settle down. If you enjoy tightknit communities and being in nature then hear us out on why the Peace Garden State may be the perfect place for you. Cozied right up next to Canada, this Midwestern state has just about everything an outdoor explorer could want from “birding to biking” to cultural celebrations and access to national and state parks. Curious what North Dakota has to offer? Here’s a quick overview.

Making a Case for Retiring in North Dakota

In recent years, the livability score for North Dakota has increased significantly making it a surprising addition to the top of many lists for retirees, land owners, and those just looking to relocate. Here are some of the most attractive items North Dakota has to offer: 1. Easy on Your Bank Account: North Dakota is so tax-friendly that it’s no surprise it’s quickly becoming a hot spot. Low average local and sales taxes and dropping income taxes are exciting. Plus, purchasing home or land in North Dakota is much more accessible than in other states. 2. Defined Seasons: Depending on your personality this could be good or bad. In North Dakota you can be sure to enjoy all the seasons, but unsurprisingly the winters are harsh. However, the cost of living in North Dakota is so reasonable that you’d likely be able to afford to leave come winter. 3. Unlikely to be Bored: Whether you have a set of established hobbies or you’re interested in finding some, you won’t be hurting for plans here. Especially if you’re a nature lover! There are national parks you can explore as well as plenty of opportunity to go kayaking, hunting, birding, or more. Have grandchildren or family visiting from out of town? There’s so much to see and do whether it’s hitting the casino or checking out an amusement park. 4. Stable Job Market: If you’re not quite ready to give up work don’t worry. Thanks to some of the lowest unemployment rates nationwide coupled with booming oil, agriculture, and now manufacturing and tech industries you will have plenty of options. For years, jobs have outnumbered the amount of people willing to work them. So even if you decide to find work last minute you likely won’t have much difficulty locking a job down. 5. Resources for Healthy Living: For various reasons, North Dakota is a healthy state. With a strong walkability score across many cities as well as a high amount of doctors per capita it’s not a bad place to settle down. Plus, physical distancing has never been an in issue in the Great Plains thanks to wide open spaces. If the Covid-19 pandemic has made you rethink what you want out of your living space, look no further than North Dakota. A rich history, affordable living, and wide-range of activities makes the Peace Garden state an attractive option for anyone looking for a change. Interested in exploring North Dakota as a place to retire or to invest? Keep the above information in mind as you browse through’s land listings. Have land that you’re ready to let go of? Advertise on the fastest growing land network in the country! Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:


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