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Why West Virginia is the Perfect Place to Buy Land

why west virginia is the perfect place to buy land

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Published date:

November 04, 2020

Last updated date:

November 15, 2023

By Caroline Kirby

Do you like the idea of living a quiet life but having the proximity and accessibility to cities if necessary? What about owning a waterfront property without the giant price tag found in many other places? West Virginia is somewhat of a hidden gem for many reasons. The Mountain State is also called the northern-most southern state or the southern-most northern state. No matter how you look at it, there are some consistent truths as to why you should consider purchasing land in West Virginia.

What to Know About West Virginia

As a state that's famously known for its coal mines, it likely won't come as a surprise that this is a dying industry. However, that doesn't mean West Virginia is without opportunity! While jobs in the coal mining industry are certainly dwindling, the Mountain State has seen a huge uptick in positions within healthcare. Additionally, many West Virginians view this as a period of reinvention and growth. Perhaps this could be your chance to take a new business to the state. Another important thing to know about West Virginia is that locals love it and tend to stay forever. West Virginia is the 41st largest state, with the 38th highest population with an average age of 41.9. This may seem intimidating to outsiders, but it just goes to show how much West Virginians love their state, and it speaks to the strong sense of community they have. If you're someone who enjoys a slower and simpler life, this is likely a good fit. Now that we have the big points out of the way, here's a quick overview of some of the exciting things West Virginia has to offer and that many people don't even know about!

Why West Virginia is a Hidden Gem

Whatever the reason may be, West Virginia is often overlooked as a desirable location to live. However, there are tons of reasons why you should reconsider and start the search for your property right here in the Mountain State. • Waterfront Property is a Catch: When you think of waterfront properties, spots around landlocked West Virginia likely aren't the first to pop into your mind. However, the state is home to around 46 rivers and many streams meaning there are plenty of waterfront properties, and thanks to the lower cost of living, this is a sweet spot to retire. • Super Close to Cities: Do you love having a tightknit community and quiet daily life but also want the proximity to major cities? You can have just that in West Virginia. This state is less than a day's drive to many hot spots like Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Cleveland, and Baltimore, among many others. • Nature Lover's Paradise: With the Appalachian mountain range around, rivers to raft, and fields to camp in, there's no chance you'll ever be bored if you love being in the outdoors. Plus, there are tons of state parks that are gorgeous to see during the fall season. Some other highlights include over 1 million acres of public land for hunting as well as Class VI whitewater rafting, challenging rock climbing, and world-class fly-fishing. Did you know a lot of the facts above? The Mountain State has its fair share of ups and downs just like any other state, but if you're clear on what you want from your land or property purchase and it aligns with the information above, you should begin the search in West Virginia. Check out the current land listings on or sign up to sell your West Virginia land.

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