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Why Winter is Actually a Great Time to Sell Land

why winter is actually a great time to sell land

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Published date:

November 27, 2019

Last updated date:

November 27, 2019

By Manny Manriquez

by Laura Mueller In the world of real estate, winter is often considered a dead zone as far as sales go. But the same logic that applies to the housing market doesn’t quite translate to the land market. And in fact, there are actually a few reasons why winter might just be the ideal time to go live with your listing. There’s no perfect time to list your property (we promise—we would tell you if there was!), but there are also no rules about certain times of year when you should wait it out. Below, we’ll cover some of the primary reasons that you should consider listing your property in the winter, and why you might have a lot more luck than you think. 1.Winter Doesn’t Mean Fewer Buyers The biggest problem with selling a house in the winter is lower rates of demand. People are loathe to move in dreary weather and in the middle of a school year, so they usually stay put until early spring. But land buyers don’t have these same limitations. If a buyer wants land—for development, for recreation, or for any other reason—they’re going to stay on top of what’s out there so they don’t miss out on what they need, no matter what time of year it is. 2. Buyers Are Getting Ahead of the Game People buy property for a lot of reasons, many of which are weather dependent. If a buyer wants land for building or planting, winter isn’t going to be the ideal time to do it. Instead of being an impediment though, it’s actually an advantage. Buying in the winter means that there’s still plenty of time to get everything in order before the ground starts to thaw and improvements or adjustments can be made. And a strongly interested buyer is going to take advantage of that and give themselves wiggle room to get the sale finalized and plans underway. 3. There’s Less Competition A lot of land buyers still mistakenly believe that the seasonal slog of the housing market applies to land sales too. As such, you’re likely not going to be seeing as many new listings pop up as you would during other times of year. That’s very good news, especially when taken into consideration with the points above. 4. Winter Can Highlight Key Features of Your Property Instead of thinking of all the things that winters takes away in terms of appeal, think of what it adds. There’s nothing like a blanket of snow to really show off the scope and size of a property, plus it gives you an opportunity to show buyers what winter access will look like. And with no A.C. to facilitate a comfortable walkthrough in the heat, it can actually be a benefit to forego a hot and humid showing in favor of a chilly one. Even better: no bugs! There’s no way to predict how fast your land will sell, but don’t let winter weather deter you from going on the market. There are a lot of benefits to listing in the colder months, and it may be just the ticket to getting a leg up on the competition. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:

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