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Andrew Ryan likes dirt, he likes numbers, and he likes helping people smile. As a 6th-generation rancher of Sonoma County, he grew up working and caring for the land alongside his family. Andrew joined California Outdoor Properties because of their marketing and love of the outdoors. As an Eagle Scout, he continues to live the Scout Law to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, and more. His core values are focused around God, family, and business. With deep roots in Sonoma County and California, he understands the beauty and uniqueness of northern California. Like a rancher handling a newborn, a farmer tending his crop, and a doctor caring for his patients, Andrew will give you his utmost attention to your needs and wants. As a force of nature, his focus on detail and ability to listen to your needs helps streamline your process of purchasing or selling your property. He holds a BS in Finance from California State University, Chico, and an Associate Degree from Santa Rosa JC. Before joining California Outdoor Properties, Andrew worked with the McCall Team, Ammunition Wine Co, Aidells Sausage Co, Gallo Salame, and Tyson Foods. He enjoys the outdoors, time with family and friends, baseball, cutting firewood, driving dozers, and the bbq after working cows. He likes rib-eye steaks, potatoes, fresh tomatoes, and a slab of watermelon. His favorite ice cream is chocolate chip with fresh fruit. Andrew\'s joy and knowledge of the outdoors are reflected in his actions with friends, family, and clients. His Grandpa once said, \"a smile is like sunshine on a shady plain.\" Andrew\'s hard work and smiles along with California Outdoor Properties is the right combination for your real estate success.

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