What to Know Before Moving to Virginia

What to Know Before Moving to Virginia

Looking to relocate to Virginia? You’ll want to do your research first on what to expect, especially if you plan on investing in land real estate. Virginia is the twelfth most populous state in the country, with a storied history that goes all the way back to the nation’s founding years. It’s also a stunning and centrally-located East Coast state with plenty of land diversity and a lot of opportunity for smart investors. read more...


At LandHub we have a large selection of land for sale in Virginia. Check out the different types of land available including acreage, ranches, rural properties, hunting land, and more. Start looking in Virginia for land for sale today with the help of LandHub. The first settlers who came to Virginia in Colonial days were planters, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson is the most famous. Agriculture is still the dominant use of Virginia land although the amount of cropland in the Old Dominion has been steadily declining. The average Virginia farm still covers 171 acres and parcels many times larger still hit the market. This agrarian lifestyle is foreign to most of the residents of Northern Virginia, which contains six of the highest-income counties in America and the single richest town, Great Falls. Undeveloped land here is typically secluded on private estates and horse farms. Waterfront territory is best hunted in the Northern Neck and the Virginia Eastern Shore on either side of the Chesapeake Bay. The Hampton Roads area where the bay meets the Atlantic Ocean is the most populous region of the state, with an assist from the largest concentration of military bases of any metropolitan area in the world. Some of the closest rural property to Washington, DC is 40 miles to the west down Route 7 where the briskest action has taken place in the Virginia real estate market of late. Beyond that is the four-season beauty of the Shenandoah Valley and the Blue Ridge Mountains. One drive down the 105-mile Skyline Drive will have you dreaming of owning property here. Hunters will find expansive tracts of undeveloped woodland further south near the North Carolina border and deep into the far southwestern part of the state in the Cumberland Mountains. Smith Mountain Lake, with 500 miles of shoreline, is a popular property-seeking destination. This is a land a world away from the political hustle and bustle of the Washington-influenced part of Virginia - it is a seven-hour drive to the nation's capital from the secluded lands of Lee County.

Frequently Asked Questions

Officially called the Commonwealth of Virginia, this state is surrounded by the Atlantic on one side and the Appalachian mountain range on the other side. The state has a population of more than 8.5 million. Richmond is the state’s capital while Virginia Beach has the highest population.

Some facts about Virginia

  • The state is named after the “Virgin Queen Elizabeth I” of England.
  • The nation’s 1st English settlement was in Jamestown. It was founded to cultivate silk but later became a land to grow tobacco.
  • It is known as “the birthplace of a nation”.
  • Virginia has given us 8 U.S Presidents and 6 Presidents’ wives. 7 Presidents are buried on this land.
  • Jamestown was the first capital of the state followed by Williamsburg and later Richmond. Today, almost half of the population of the U.S lives within 500 miles from Richmond.
  • Of the 4000 battles fought during the Civil War, 2,200 took place in the state of Virginia.
  • More than a quarter of the Virginia workers, work for the U.S government.
  • The Atlantic fleet of the U.S Navy has its home base in Virginia.
  • The largest building of an office in the world is the Pentagon building in Arlington with almost 68,000 miles of telephone lines internally.
  • The international airport in Dulles is among the busiest in the world.
  • The first-ever Thanksgiving in entire North America was organized in 1619 in Virginia.
  • It is considered as the “Internet Capital of the world”.

What is it Like to Live Virginia?

Virginia is a diverse state that offers everything that a big state such as California offers. The cuisine in Virginia is mouth-watering with many exotic restaurants. There are many recreational activities to do in the state. The beaches are beautiful and there is a river that runs right through the middle of a town. There are mountains and valleys in the state too. There are many top-notch universities like the University of Virginia, James Madison University, William and Mary University, and many more.

How is the Climate in Virginia?

Virginia has a humid to sub-tropical climate. Summers are hot and winters are mild. Rainfall is moderate throughout the year. The mean temperature does not exceed 90 Degrees Fahrenheit in summers. Snowfall is common in winters. Most of the snowfall happens in the southwestern and western regions which get about 16 to 23 inches.

What is the Cost of Living in Virginia?

The cost of living is calculated by taking the average cost of living in all the states of the country. This average is taken as the base. Based on this base, an index for each state is calculated. An index above 100 means the state is expensive than most states and an index below 100 indicates otherwise. The cost of living in Virginia is 103.5. This means that the state is more expensive than most other states.

How is the Real Estate Market Performing in Virginia?

The real estate market in Virginia is very hot right now. The average value of a house in the state is $285,500. This is a 4.2% increase from last year’s values. It is further expected that the values are going to rise by 2% next year. The average price of a house that is listed is $305,000. On the other hand, the average selling price is $274,800. The average price of rent is $1,695. There is a lot of land available for sale in Virginia, therefore, it should not be a difficult task to find the lot or house of your choice.