5 Perks That Will Make You Want to Buy Waterfront Property

Living on a waterfront property is a dream many people have, they imagine themselves enjoying their morning coffee on a deck overlooking a lake or walking out their front door for a quick stroll down the beach. Even if this isn’t your dream, it may be somebody else’s, and that possibility is what leads us to make our read more…


Imagine waking up every day to the crashing sounds of the ocean or the quiet lapping of the water on the edge of a peaceful lake. It’s possible if you choose to live in a home on waterfront property. Owning a waterfront property provides its own list of inherent luxuries including an escape from the stresses of everyday life, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, waterside privacy and a variety of other luxurious amenities. If you are an avid fan of watersports, waterfront living will give you the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favorite activities including swimming, waterskiing, sailing, paddle boarding, and fishing. Waterfront living not only provides its own list of inherent luxuries but also brings its own list of tranquilities. Waterfront living comes with a higher value since these properties are considered as prime real estate.

Roughly seven percent of the United States is covered by water, with Michigan ranking first for its total water area (42 percent of the whole state). Beachfront property in popular Atlantic Coast and Gulf Coast resort areas comes at a premium, while smaller more secluded riverfront cabins and homes will put the buyer on the doorstep of some of America’s most beautiful landscapes (not to mention, its best outdoor recreation including hunting, fishing, and hiking).

Living in a waterfront property is a lifelong dream of many people because of the luxurious and exotic views the location provides. How could anyone refuse to smell the breeze of watery scent with nature at its purest all over in your home? LandHub.com is pleased that you have chosen our platform to bring your vision to life. We are here to help you find the ideal waterfront property that you have been searching for. It is our hope that you find the waterfront property of your dreams.

Waterfront Frequently Asked Questions

Waterfront properties, are they not like heaven? Waterfront properties are the epitome of luxury and scenic views. Who would not enjoy the fresh breeze and beautiful and calming views? Waterfront properties are where nature is in its purest form.

Why should I invest in waterfront properties?

Waterfront properties are generally very expensive but maybe worth every dollar you spend on acquiring them. Because of the exotic views that such properties provide, the demand for such properties is very high and that, in turn, is the reason why the prices are so high. To be able to look outside the window and find the serenity of a water body is truly appealing to any investor. Staying on a waterfront property is no less than a vacation. The returns you get on such properties may also be good. Moreover, the resale price of a waterfront property is, in most cases, in parity with the value of the property.

Are the prices of waterfront properties volatile?

The prices of waterfront properties are not volatile. Even when the prices of surrounding properties (not waterfront) fall, the prices of waterfront properties remain more or less the same. Even the resale price is often close to its value. This is because such properties have great demand. The number of buyers usually surpasses the number of sellers. Hence, the prices cannot stoop down as buyers, in heavy volume, would bid in such scenarios and this would bring the prices back up.

What are the benefits of owning a waterfront property?

Owning waterfront property is similar to being on a vacation. The amount of fun you could have is beyond measurable. You get to have access to water sports activities 24/7. Activities like wake-boarding, boating, surfing, water skiing, fishing, and jet skiing are in the palm of your hand. You just need to have the equipment and BOOM let the fun begin. You will have an exotic view outside your window rather than a crowded neighborhood. You will have tons of space to yourself. It would also be a good feeling to flaunt your house to your friends and relatives.

What are the health benefits of waterfront property?

Nowadays, stress has formed a part of our daily hectic life.

Getting rid of stress requires special effort. Living near a water body can tackle everyday stress. Similar to what a day by the pool does, living near a water body can help you relax and let the tension out your muscles. Just by staying away from the hassle of the city and close to absolute nature, one can develop a healthy mind and body. The fresh air adds to all this and makes you want to be more productive. This leads to a happy mood and satisfaction.

What can I do with waterfront properties?

Waterfront properties have gotten the attention of investors for a long time. Many things can be done with such a property. In order to generate high returns on investment, one can decide to lease or sell waterfront properties. Several entrepreneurs have their eyes on such properties and they wait for the right time to buy. It is the appreciation in value that attracts a myriad of investors. There are short term benefits too. One can lease out waterfront properties on a yearly basis or rent them as a vacation residence. This way the investor not only obtains rental income but he also gets to spend his holidays in style.