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Irrigated Fort Shaw Farm

United States /Montana, 1111 1st Rd. NE, 59443, 224.12

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224.12 Acres

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Where the rolling plains of Central Montana meet the jagged peaks of the Rocky Mountain Front, the fertile soils produce hay or grain crops and support grazing cattle. These 224.12 country acres combine scenic coulees with irrigated hay ground for the ideal balanced rural lifestyle. Two center pivots irrigate 104 acres to produce hay. An additional 5 acres have the potential to be flood irrigated. County gravel roads take you home to this ranch with 2 duck ponds, natural springs throughout, and a creek that flows year-round. Enjoy fishing the creek for browns and rainbow trout or watch the 2-resident mating bald eagles continue to thrive as they have for the last 25 years they’ve lived here. The property is situated within the Greenfield Irrigation District. Water is released from Pishkun Reservoir where it enters the Sun River Slope Canal and is distributed to approximately 83,230 acres in the Greenfields Division to irrigate various croplands, lawns, pastures, etc. The Greenfields Irrigation District was established in 1926 to operate and maintain irrigation canals in the Greenfields division of the Sun River Project. Overlooking the contouring valley, the 3,986 square-foot home provides incredible visuals of the irrigation creek winding and flowing. The home has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and features a detached shop/garage. Cross-fencing and various outbuildings are set up to run cattle should that be your niche. Need a part or dinner out? Great Falls, Montana is a short drive of 28 miles. On your way, you pass through Vaughn, Montana which is 15.5 miles. Great Falls provides an international airport making it convenient to travel. The temperate climate of this area makes it prime for agriculture. With mild winters and hot summers, growing seasons can be lucrative. On average, the area receives 12 inches of rain annually and precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year. The climate is pleasant and an ideal place to reside year-round. When the chores are complete and it’s time for an adventure, Freezeout Lake can provide breathtaking migrations of snow geese and tundra swans. The Rocky Mountain Front is a diverse ecosystem and there are numerous scenic sights to behold, hikes to travel, or streams or rivers to fish. Camp out under the Montana Big Sky and take in stars like you’ve never seen them before! Opportunities abound on this Fort Shaw farm! Local Area Located in Cascade County, Fort Shaw, Montana lies on MT Highway 200 near Sun River. It is approximately 24 miles west of Great Falls, Montana which has an international airport and all of your amenities for convenience. The town came to be from a military post. It was first named Camp Reynolds in 1867 and later changed to honor Colonel Robert Shaw, a Civil War soldier. The post was tasked with guarding the road between Fort Benton and Helena and protecting the miners and settlers in northwestern Montana. The area is primarily supported by the agricultural industry. Fairfield, Montana is a rural farming community in Teton County along Highway 89. This welcoming town is located on the eastern slopes of the Rocky Mountain Front and serves as a gateway to the popular Glacier National Park. The community consists of a diverse and active business base as well as a school system. Great Falls is 35 miles away from an International Airport. Fairfield also boasts the title of the Malting Barley Capital of the World, home to the Busch Agricultural Resources. There is much to do in the community such as a golf course, a pool, and lovely parks. Recreationalists can bird-watch at Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area where 300,000 snow geese and 10,000 tundra swans gather in March and October on their annual migratory journey. The nearby Lewis and Clark National Forest provide numerous hiking ventures, and hunting is plentiful with elk, white-tailed and mule deer, antelope, upland game birds, and waterfowl to choose from. Enjoy bird watching, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing, and much more! Great Falls, MT is located in the central part of the state and straddles the mighty Missouri River. The seat of Cascade County is referred to as the “Electric City” because of its numerous dams and power plants. Great Falls includes many recreational activities for you and your family to enjoy together such as the C.M. Russell Museum which displays famed artist Charlie Russell’s works and home. Get outside and enjoy the crystal-clear waters of Giant Springs State Park or float and fish the Missouri River. The city boasts the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. The center provides displays and exhibits that trace the explorers’ journey! Great Falls holds one of the most prestigious medical facilities in the state and offers an International Airport. Great Falls International Airport offers flights of Alaska, Allegiant, Delta, and United, with direct flights to Denver, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Chicago (seasonally). With too much to list, Great Falls awaits exploration, and you are sure to cherish the memories that you will make! Area Attractions Sun River The Sun River begins in the mountains of the Bob Marshall Wilderness and flows southeast to Great Falls where it meets the mighty Missouri River. It is often described as one of Montana’s most scenic rivers. Enjoy recreating this gorgeous river while floating or fishing for trout and mountain whitefish. Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area The Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area is located between Fairfield and Choteau and is known for the massive snow geese and tundra swan migrations that take place in the spring and fall. First Peoples Buffalo Jump State Park This buffalo jump is considered to be the largest bison cliff jump in the United States. The native people utilized the jump for at least two thousand years before Lewis and Clark ventured through on their expedition through Montana. The park has an interpretive trail, picnic tables, and a protected black-tailed prairie dog town. Benton Lake National Wildlife Refuge This shallow basin was left as a result of the last glacier in the area. It covers over 5000 acres and is a bird haven. The refuge supports a variety of wildlife and migratory waterfowl. Rocky Mountain Front This portion of Montana has a greater diversity of fish and wildlife than any other state in the US. With protection from the altering contours of the land and ample food from the surrounding farm fields, wildlife and birds alike flourish making this area a coveted destination during the hunting and fishing seasons. The area provides year-long habitat for mule and white-tailed deer, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and antelope. In addition, other furbearers such as beaver, mink, muskrat, otter, weasel, badger, coyote, lynx, bobcat, and mountain lion can all be found within a 100-mile radius. White-tail and mule deer maintain a healthy population here as it is a wintering destination for the species. Mule deer are often open-country deer offering those with farm ground or acres such as these a treasure trove of delicious tasting, large, beautiful bucks. Mule deer are not as shy as whitetails and are content with little cover or sparse brush. They have distinctive large ears that stick out like a big V against a hillside. However, these big bucks, ones with a 30-inch inside antler spread, are quite challenging to track down. They prefer rugged areas such as badlands and breaks. Glorious long walks through fields and up and down draws can reward you with a big mule deer buck. The open country can also provide the added challenge of bagging the swift antelope. These speed goats are all over the countryside, so the challenge is waiting for your acceptance. The property is located in hunting district 450 and FWP Region 4. The drainages and foothills provide cover, coulees, and water for superb mule and white-tailed deer hunting. The area offers some of the most prime bow hunting for white-tailed hunting in the entire state. There are also plenty of pheasants, Hungarian Partridge, Rough Grouse, Blue Grouse, and Spruce Grouse. Bird watchers can revel in seeing Calliopes, Rufus Hummingbirds, Bluebirds, Cassin Finch, Red Crossbills, Ferrungus Hawks, Pine Grosbeak, and Western Tanager. Glacier National Park The coveted area nicknamed the “Crown of the Continent” for obvious reasons offers gems and views of gold in the state of Montana. With over 700 miles of trails through pristine forests, alpine meadows sprinkled with bright lovely wildflowers, rugged and tenacious mountains, and spectacular sparkling lakes. Visit the historic chalets and lodges for a walk back in time or backpack, cycle, hike, or camp. While taking in the astounding sights of the glacier-carved peaks and valleys, set your binoculars on a diverse range of wildlife of bighorn sheep, mountain goats, deer, elk, ptarmigan, and both black and grizzly bears. This highway to heaven is a tough one to ever forget.

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224.12 Acres

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