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Valley Of The Melungeons

United States /Tennessee, Vardy Blackwater Road, 37869, 24

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24 Acres

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VARDY BLACKWATER, Tennessee, has an interesting past. This is the area where long before the territory was discovered by American patriots, an unknown people was found to be settled. No one really knows where they came from or how they came about, or even where their DNA leads back to, but this area became their home. They established farms and, some of them developed a very prolific, historical moonshine business! They have come to be known as the Melungeons and their history has become a legend. Only a few remain in the area and they are no different that everyone else. But I thought you might enjoy knowing about how they are a little piece of history to which this property belongs. The best part of this story though, is this beautiful piece of land. The roads leading in good, paved scenic roads. The property rises up on the south side from the road to just under the top of the mountain. The bottom third is gently rolling fields. Then you'll cross over an amazing, constant, wide running creek and up to a higher level to additional fields. This second level is where the property has been perked and approved for three-bedroom home. The view from there is over your fields and the valley of this country side to the mountain on the north side which terminates in Virginia. The property is open and bright in full sun over all of fields, including those which are on the level area of the home site. From there the property rises more steeply into the woods, where you might find enjoyment hunting and hiking. There is plenty of room on this land for all that one might want to do, like having farm animals, room for family and pets, and for planting gardens. And, there are several homesites to choose from.

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Farm, Recreational Land

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24 Acres

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Vardy Blackwater Road