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Five Benefits of Using Social Media to Sell Real Estate

five benefits of using social media to sell real estate

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Published date:

January 06, 2021

Last updated date:

May 26, 2024

By Manny Manriquez

The best way to increase your business flow is to actually follow the latest social media marketing trends. Nothing brings more leads at a low price than a strong presence on social media. The more your brand is on social media, the bigger your success will be. The good thing about the Internet is that you don’t have to lose time and money on a wide range of marketing to reach clients. Investing time and energy into growing your online brand will eventually pay off much more than those post cards you keep paying to mail out. Today, your potential clients are at your fingertips, but you need to learn how to find them. Compared to traditional marketing, social media helps brands to promote without being overwhelming and overbearing. On the contrary, it helps to effectively build the brand and reach a phase where people recognize it. Read below to learn how can your business profit from the active 79% of Americans with social media profiles.

Reach a Wider Audience

The best way to break into new markets is to use powerful tools such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn. These social platforms will expose your brand to a wider audience with little cost. According to the Pew Research Center, 73% of Americans use YouTube, 69% use Facebook, 37% use Instagram, 28% use Pinterest, 25% use Twitter, and 27% use LinkedIn. These numbers show great opportunities to reach new leads by engaging your business on these social platforms. The good thing is your company can’t lose anything by trying. Nothing to lose but lots to gain as long as you stay away from sensitive subjects and always act in a professional manner.

Direct Connection with Audience

It’s well known that time costs money, therefore why lose time promoting your business to people who are not interested in what you sell? Instead, it’s much better to focus on the audience that needs and wants your products and services. Social media allows you to have a closer relationship with the audience that follows your social media profiles and learn what they like or dislike. It’s easier to deal with possible issues and provide better customer service when you have a direct connection with the audience. Being responsive to posts and comments on social media will help to improve customer’s needs as well as your overall marketing campaign.

Build Your Brand

Feel free to expose your brand to followers who will hopefully bring new leads. Thanks to social media platforms, current followers can retweet and share content with their family and friends and thus help expand and build your brand. Most importantly, surveys have shown that once the clients get affected by your brand, they usually stay loyal. All you need to do is get it out there as frequently as possible by interacting on social media. Once customers have a positive image of your brand, loyalty is almost guaranteed.

Increase Traffic to Website

Combining social media marketing with a welcoming website, a good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy and creative digital marketing is the best way to increase traffic to your website. If you’ve ever tried driving traffic to your website using google ads, you know how cost prohibitive they can be. Social media platforms, however, can help do that at a fraction of the price. You can share quality, informative and entertaining content on your platforms and add a link to your website. Thus, customers can click on the link and go directly to your website to get more informed about your services and products. With one click both sides are satisfied, customers get more familiar with your brand and you increase the traffic to your website, which helps rank better in google searches.

Keep an Eye on Competition

Staying up to date on what your competitors are doing has never been easier, thanks to social media. By using social media channels to track what competitors are doing differently you can tailor your message and actions to stay ahead of them. Both sides are trying to keep the brand’s reputation and sell products/services to a greater number of customers. Therefore, it is important to find ways to stand out with new ideas better than what competitors currently use. Observe, implement, and find ways to get better are the golden rules of success. All of that is much better nowadays thanks to the power of an effective social media management strategy.

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