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Why You Should Be Using Aerial Footage to Market Real Estate

why you should be using aerial footage to market real estate

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Published date:

May 12, 2021

Last updated date:

May 12, 2021

By Manny Manriquez

(And Why Drone is Not Always the Solution) by Michael Feld, Co-Founder Aerial Solutions What’s the best way to showcase a property to prospective buyers? Over the past few years, the hottest answer to that question has been with video, in particular, with aerial footage. And there is good reason for that: Aerial imagery is a striking way for buyers to get a full picture of a property’s exterior, without having to be there in person. But don’t just take our word for it! Statistics show that: ● Aerial imagery translated into a 68% faster sale period than properties with just regular imagery (mls statistic). ● Homeowners are 73% more likely to list with real estate agents who utilize video marketing (National Association of Realtors). ● Listings with video saw a 403% percent increase in traffic over listings without video (Australian Real Estate Group). Aerial footage sounds pretty attractive! The next step is to figure out the best way to obtain it. You may be thinking that using a drone is the obvious answer for your aerial videos. But is it really? While using aerial footage is extremely effective in marketing your listings, using a drone presents a set of problems that you may only discover once it's too late.

Restricted Zones

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) has several restricted zones across the US where drones are not allowed to fly, and local governments can set their own restricted zones as well. For example, if your property is located near an airport, national park or even near a school, drones are generally not an option unless specific approval is obtained (and approval is not guaranteed).

Filming Complications

Scheduling a drone photographer to come film your property can be quite the hassle. First, you have to find a time that works for both the photographer as well as the homeowner. Very possibly, the photographer will not be able to come as soon as you’d like. Then, you have to pray that the weather is just right, otherwise, you’ll have to reschedule. Once you get the timing right, you may have to receive permission from your neighbors as they can potentially have an issue with it, citing possible noise or privacy concerns.

Space and Size Limitations

Prospective buyers may want to see the property from different vantage points, and often want to see footage of the surrounding neighborhood as well. Attempting to use drones to achieve this is not always practical. According to regulations, drones are generally restricted to flying under an altitude of 400 feet. Attempting to showcase a large property, or the proximity to neighborhood amenities in the same shot as the property, is generally not possible. For example, if you’d like to show that your property is only 3 miles from downtown, 4 miles from the University, and 1 mile from the closest park all in the same shot for maximum context, drone photography is not the solution. So what now? If drone shooting is this complicated, is there a way to obtain aerial footage without all the hassle and limitations associated with using a drone? Well, what if it’s possible to obtain this in-demand footage by utilizing ultra-high resolution aerial data taken from satellite and fixed-wing aircraft? This data can be used to create stunning aerial videos almost instantly, even in FAA restricted drone zones and without having to schedule a drone photographer. It also allows for showcasing massive acreage all in one shot, since the imagery is captured at such a high altitude. Here comes very good news- There is a new tech company actually accomplishing all this! Aerial Solutions has made it their mission to revolutionize marketing real estate with aerial imagery utilizing the ultra-high resolution aerial data taken from satellite and fixed-wing aircraft. Aerial Solutions is getting rave reviews for its stunning, high value videos that get real estate sold fast- all at a price point far below traditional drone photography. While aerial footage is a major selling point for your real estate marketing, the standard drone method faces many restrictions. With Aerial Solutions, you’ll avoid wasted time, money and effort, as well as reap the benefits of utilizing aerial footage to get your property sold in no time. Like this article? Please feel free to share or post a link on your site:

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